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Supply of natural purified water

Awarded best local factory of the year 2012 with a Rwenzori Award, The OkapiGroup through its brand Okapi Afia has convinced more than one because of its quality, strong logistics and expertise:

  • Expertise:
  • Being the first water plant in the great north has made us a reference in the sector; we use the best technicians and computerised system. This way, we have imposed ourselves with more than 75% of the market share from Butembo to Kisangani.
  • Quality
  • Considerable investment: appropriate equipment perfectly protected. Purely natural treatment: Treat with appropriate machinery and without the intervention of chemicals. We dispose of a protected drilling water system draining pure natural water from the aquifer. We use bottles that are intended to protect the purity and integrity of water for the consumer
We are proud to say that we were the first to hand over to his Excellency Joseph Kabila Kabange a box of Okapi Afia during his tour in 2011. He has never stopped drinking Okapi Afia whenever he is in the area.

Ingredients of Okapi Afia

Okapi Afia is a rich, and potable water that satisfies all need of water in the family.
Here are the ingredients of this rich water:
- Magnesium: 1.2 mg per liter
- Phosphore: 7.2 - 7.5 mg per liter
- Calcium: 1.6mg per litre
- Sodium: 8.2 mg per litre

Size of our products

We have almost all size of bottle in order to satisfy the need of everybody.

The are bottle of:

  • Half a litre(0.5 l)
  • One litre(1 l)
  • One and half litre(1.5 l)
  • Twelve litres(20 l)

In region, our water is very affordable. Well drink it and it provides refresh for you!

Pour cette nouvelle année, nous vous offrons de l'eau Okapi Afia à un prix défiant tout conquirant. En achetant 20 litres, nous vous offrons 10 litres d'eau gratuite.
Composition chimique
Magnesium: 99%
COOH: 1%
Calcium: 3%

Our adress

Democratic Republic of Congo,
Beni, Boikene
+243 999 150 357

Our mission

- Transport and supply of fuel products
- Supply of natural purified water
- Supply of plastic

Our field

We work in the Eastern Congo
Here we do all our best to satisfy all the demands of our customers>

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